Color defference

I heard subtle differences in color and leave the original paint and in paint and repair ...
Also, I worried about the deterioration of our place after the repair ...

To tell the truth, I give the same paint manufacturer's paint painted and 100% is impossible. Coating method and equipment, such as the climate at the time of painting, and at that time and in any conditions is different from the current.

However, we are seeking to reproduce the paint close to the original as possible.

First, we performed a color matching in the "PPG computer" toning machine manufacturer's formulation based on the data first.But this formulation data is only at the time of new car paint. This data only, does not break corresponding to the condition of each car.

Human eye is important. Skilled staff will continue to finish with exquisite control.

And, we use only the finest things in the material examined from around the world, there is no worry of trouble.

Heavy accidented car

I do a heavy accident damage ranging frame. I was told "No way but to be scrapped" in the dealer, really impossible? If have a repair, correctly restore and run?

It is possible if the latest equipment and technology have been introduced. We are caught up in how to repair existing without, be able to provide higher quality services, under the cooperation of affiliated companies, we are constantly introducing new technology to gather information from all over the world. Has been carried out to repair the vehicle and numerous accidents. We are a high reputation from customers in all of them. Before giving up, please contact us at once means.

Aluminum body

Do you can repair the car made of aluminum?

Aluminum body repair and painting is a difficult material compared with steel body, but we have already carried out a number of repair. Please leave in peace.


I have Lotus Europa, Is it possible to repair in the FRP body? In addition, I have been a little corroded frame, Could you also repair this?

Of course, all is OK. And urethane, such as FRP, also repair of non-metallic parts, Please leave our company.


I paint I got a sheet metal with other shop, can not be convinced that seems to be a different color. Get back in there coating that possible?

It is of course possible. But, if you are already using the insurance to repair, the insurance is not available for this.


When asked what's out on whether an estimate of the repair, but I think your estimate is slightly higher as compared to the other's, what is this difference?

Major components of the repair price to charge your customers is the cost of materials and labor. Labor is a charge for one's labor in other words. That is, materials that are easy to use, to bother you, the price to make it easy repair is possible. The results are clearly reflected in the finish, however. In some cases immediately after the repair is at first glance may seem okay, the trouble comes out at a later addition.

Repair materials and equipment that are used in our company, we use only high-performance examined from all over the world. With regard to process, compared with genarally 3 steps, Our company take 5 steps. In addition, we introduce a check by the person responsible for each process, and in all the work construed as constituting an additional warranty.

Our pricing might be a little expensive, the Company recognizes that the perfect repair sparing no effort to use good material, and lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Of course, depending on the needs of each customer in quality, ask. Are also available depending on your budget.


What is alignment? Seems that your company is confident in the setting of the suspension, such as alignment, why?

Car moves from side to side to running a straight line. Straight into the car does not stop when braking. Such people, please try to check the tread surface of the tire. There are only such as have a lot less (or outside) the inner wheel alignment is not correct may be seen when the tire is reduced unnatural.

Alignment is that of the angle of the tire is attached to the body. If this is incorrect, the original handling will not be able to demonstrate it. In particular, sports car like porsche, because the allowable range of error is very small, you will not be able to demonstrate its potential in the gap a little.

Strictly speaking, the alignment will be a step or inaccurate, such as rides on the sidewalk, only to hit the tire or wheel to stop the parking lot. Of course, when you replace the tires and suspension adjustment is required./p>

Since opening, we have carried out the adjustment of the car handling more than thousands. This is why state-of-the-art equipment and accumulated know-how, which we have absolute confidence in handling adjustments. Alignment measurement is only 12,000 yen. Do not even try to check once your car?

Pick up vehicles and alternative

Can you pick up or deliver vehicle? Can you have alternative?

Yes. But alternative have its limit. Please contact us in advance.

Dent repair

Next door to the car was hit in the parking lot, it tends to be the dent was like a small dimple. You care that much, but it is not enough damage to the sheet metal paint. Do you have any good solution?/p>

If paint is not peeling a small dent, dent repair is recommended. This is the technology behind the tool sends a dent, to repair extruded directly from the back of the panel. Feature is that you can keep the original paint. In addition, low-cost repair is possible in a short time compared with the painted sheet metal. So we have a solid partnership with a reliable professional supplier of technology, please leave.

Scratches due to car wash

I worry about small scratches or scratches by car wash...

We recommend you polish the surface to be coated in a "polymer processing." We repeated the test, you have the optimal solution to a variety of car paint. Please try once by all means.

Body processing

Can you undertake the body of a custom made? (For example, original fender flares or so)

Yes, we can (..Obama?). Please consult us.


Such as the restoration of the old car available?

Old cars, there is a different charm than modern cars, the owner also has a lot of our customers. To restore from the maintenance, please leave in peace.

Repair of the wheel

I had to scratch the wheel hit the curb, Can you repair?

Distortion and scratches, we will respond firmly to the problems inherent to the wheels. We also offer paint the wheel. How about I try to paint the wheels to match the body color?

Credit card

Do you deal wiht the card?

It is possible. VISA, JCB, MASTER… All major card is possible.


Is estimate costs?

Estimate is free. Please feel free to contact us.

Japanese car

Can you deal japanese car?

Yes! Off course!!

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